Introducing your services and products to the general public

What do we offer?

We design landing pages and web portals to raise public awareness of health conditions, products, diseases, etc.

It includes designing and optimising digital marketing campaigns, leasing advertising space and keywords, etc.

We organise, conduct and analyse specific questionnaires among the target group. The content is discussed in advance and prepared in consultation with the client.

Web users want to know more about their health. Therefore, with the right content, we make sure that they find the right information presented in an interesting and educational way in the form of videos, texts, questionnaires, etc.

This includes preparing the content and calendar of posts, organising and running competitions, and working with influencers.

Users can choose to stay informed about their interests and future projects by giving consent to be added to our email list. All data will be used and stored in accordance with the GDPR policy.

Do you want to address the general public?

Why choose Doctrina?


Our first-hand experience in the pharmaceutical industry has made us experts in the field, but we still strive to evolve. We are proud to have worked with more than 60 clients in the pharmaceutical industry. We are familiar with industry regulations and work in accordance with them.



Our users are segmented based on the needs of a particular campaign. We monitor the reactions of the target groups, are familiar with the specifics of advertising in the pharmaceutical industry, and collaborate with KOL as needed. Our database includes over 7000 users (physicians, registered pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses). The open rate of our emails is over 50%, the click-through rate is 20% on average.


We are aware that the Internet is an integral part of health services and education. 31% of healthcare professionals visit specialised online portals daily, and physicians spend an average of 2 hours per day reviewing digital resources. Advances in technology are also increasingly being used to manage and shop patient data to improve diagnosis and optimal treatment selection.


Once the new campaign and goals are agreed upon with clients, they can entrust us with its execution. Working with our partners and subcontractors, we ensure that the campaigns run smoothly and keep the client informed of the results.

An example of good practice

We have devised and implemented an online strategy to raise awareness among the general public about pancreatic exocrine insufficiency and how to recognise such problems.

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